July 8, 2017

"Dansatoare Traditionala Siameza" O piesa vintage a anilor 80 (Brosa si Pandantiv) creata in Thailanda, Ag 925

Dance is the main dramatic art form of Thailand.
Thai traditional theatrical dance expression is one 
of the truly graceful aspects of this country and is quite symbolic of the Thai character itself. 

To see these beautifully costumed and adorned dancers 
patiently miming ancient stories, which were originally
developed and performed as entertainment for the royal court,
is a treat that makes even modern audiences feel privileged. The female dancer 
symbol is very often seen in many other traditional art forms of Thailand, 
including various jewelries and decorative objects.

"Dansatoare Traditionala Siameza" O piesa vintage a anilor 80 (Brosa si Pandantiv) creata in Thailanda reprezentant o femeie dansand, Argint 925 lucrat cu tehnica de gravura, perfor si cu emailare selectiva.

4.5 gr

"Siam Traditional Lady Dancer" - O piesa Vintage Contemporan din anii 80, o bijuterie unica, adorabila, fermecatoare si foarte feminina, o brosa (cu agatatoare de pandantiv) creata de un bijutier din Thailanda reprezentand o silueta de dansatoare tranditionala siameza. Bijuteria este gravata, are zone perforate si o emailare neagra selectiva, este creata din Argint nobil cu puritate de 92.5% si este semnata.

Dimensiunile sunt de aprox.: 2.7 x 4.1 cm.
Brosa are inchidere cu ac si cu siguranta.

Conditia bijuteriei este excelenta. Sistemul de inchidere tip brosa functioneaza perfect.

Argint 925, semnat si cu marcaj (Siam si Sterling).
Provenienta Thailanda

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